Firm's Successes

Over $100 Million Recovered in Personal Injury Cases Including:

Description of Case
2,500,0000For the death of a middle-age mother
2,200,000Work-related burn injury
2,025,000For negligent placement of a pole and defective manufacturer of an automotive part
1,754,000For head injuries resulting from construction worker hit by a vehicle
1,700,000For a minor who became sick from eating contaminated food
1,635,000For a leg and foot injury
1,430,000Death of a 55 year old driver.
1,350,000Death of a 70-year old woman resulting from a motor vehicle crash
1,350,000Death of an elderly man resulting from a motor vehicle crash
1,015,000For the death of a motorcycle passenger
910,000For a head injury at a work site
900,000Upper right shoulder and neck injuries resulting from a motor vehicle crash
750,000For a woman run over by a golf cart
730,000Foot injury resulting from defective paving machinery
700,000For a minor passenger in a vehicle
600,000For a leg injury of a motorcycle driver
550,000For a minor passenger in a vehicle
550,000For a minor's injury to her face from a fan
535,000Motor vehicle crash, lower extremity
500,000Against a car manufacturer for defective equipment
495,000For a low back and shoulder injury resulting from a motor vehicle crash
475,000Products liability recover for a defectively manufactured back hoe
470,000Neck injury resulting from faulty equipment at a work site
450,000For a leg injury in a motorcycle crash
425,000Pedestrian/MVA, foot and pelvis fracture
400,000Back injuries resulting from motor vehicle crash
375,000For a head injury against a property owner for a defective water grate, causing a bicycle crash
350,000For a leg injury on a motorcycle
290,000Injuries for a minor bicyclist hit by a motor vehicle
273,500Recovered from a driver who waved on the vehicle, striking the pedestrian
260,000For a dog bite of a minor child
250,000For the death of a 93-year old pedestrian jaywalking
250,000For a shoulder injury resulting from a motor vehicle crash
240,000For negligent supervision of a work site
200,000For damages resulting from a fall off a gurney while being transported to an ambulance
200,000Leg injury resulting from a bicycle/motor vehicle crash
195,000For scarring as a result of a motor vehicle crash
175,000For back injuries resulting from a defective tree stand
160,000For a back injury resulting from a slip and fall at a convenience market
150,000For an 80-year old woman hit by an opening car door while riding her bicycle
150,000For a broken leg resulting from a defective railing
110,000For a hand injury from a defective band saw