Facilitating Real Estate Transactions, Natural Gas Leases And Litigation

Whether you are leasing, buying or selling property, there are many steps built into this process. Retaining a qualified attorney will help to facilitate this transaction and will ensure you avoid signing an agreement that harms your interests.

In Williamsport, our legal team at Elion, Grieco, Carlucci & Shipman, P.C., counsels Lycoming clients with commercial and residential real estate concerns. Our transactional attorneys also review, revise and negotiate terms for commercial leases. We have decades of contract experience, which allows us to avoid unnecessary delays and conclude deals in a timely fashion.

Streamlining Commercial And Residential Property Transactions

Whether you are buying a home for a growing family or a commercial property for an expanding business, we are here to help you from negotiations to closure. We can assist in:

  • Real estate sales, leases and financing
  • Government land use approvals
  • Tax avoidance under "clean and green"

The natural gas industry has arrived in Pennsylvania, and with it comes many challenges. We can help you navigate the difficulties of negotiating a lease to ensure you get the compensation and the protection you deserve. To that end, we offer these services:

  • Natural gas leases
  • Natural gas litigation
  • Natural gas workers' compensation

If you are a homeowner, it is likely that your real estate is your greatest source of personal wealth. If you are an investor, developer or landlord, it is likely that the health of your business relies on the income your commercial property provides.

Partner with our legal team to protect your valuable investment.

It Is Risky To Represent Yourself In Real Estate Negotiations And Closings. Contact Our Team To Speak With A Knowledgeable Lawyer.

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