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Did a car accident cause you to suffer a spinal cord injury?

Though most people understand the idea that life can change in an instant, they often do not think that something majorly life-changing will happen to them unexpectedly. Unfortunately, such changes can happen without any prior notice, and for you, the change may have been a negative one.

One minute you may have been driving down the road thinking only about getting to your destination when suddenly another vehicle crashed into yours. While some car accidents do not have catastrophic outcomes, you were not so lucky. In fact, the incident resulted in your suffering a spinal cord injury.

How is this possible?

In the aftermath of the accident, you may have asked yourself many times how any of this could be possible. Unfortunately, car accidents are among the most common causes of spinal cord injuries. So, while your personal situation may continue to seem unbelievable to you, it is not an altogether uncommon scenario for individuals to face.

How has your life changed?

Because spinal cord injuries are so severe, numerous aspects of your life can change due to this injury. Your physical abilities, your mental health and your social life could all face negative effects due to the harm you experienced. Some physical repercussions you may experience include the following:

  • Tetraplegia, or quadriplegia, meaning paralysis affecting your torso, arms, legs, hands and pelvic organs
  • Paraplegia, meaning paralysis affecting all or part of your torso, legs and pelvic organs
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Pain caused by damaged nerve fibers
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss or altered sensations
  • Exaggerated reflexes or spasms

If you experience any of these or other physical repercussions of your injury, you know firsthand how big of an impact they can have. You may not be able to make plans and hang out with your friends as easily as you once could or even participate in the same activities. Understandably, you may find yourself becoming more isolated, which could lead to depression.

What can you do?

In addition to seeking the necessary medical treatment, you may wonder what else you could do to handle this life-changing event. If the other driver involved in the car accident was considered at fault for the incident, you may have cause to file a personal injury claim against that person. Suffering a spinal cord injury can have personal and financial effects that last the rest of your life, and seeking compensation for those damages by filing a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania is not out of the question.

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